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The Lord Will Lead You

Sometimes when we face a difficult season of life, we want to take the short cut and we pray for God to resolve the issue quickly.  However, God may want to take us the long way leading us in directions that, at the time, don’t make sense. God doesn’t do this to hold out on us, but to prepare us what He has in store for our future.  Sometimes we have to walk through the weeds before we get to the garden.

Even in times when you may feel like the enemy is attacking, know that God has never left the scene.  He is always fighting for you and He has already won the battle. God fights for us even when we have sinned against Him.  As we move in our faith and follow God, we all face times of fear, uncertainty and confusion.

So this week I leave you with the following questions:

What are some of the battles God has won for you?

Are you willing to trust God enough to stretch your hand out in faith and watch Him move on your behalf?

The Lord will always lead you.  Isaiah 58:11

Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,
Danielle S. Greene

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