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So This is Peace !

 For a while now, there have been things happening in my family that can not be explained and should not be laughed at; yet I do. My mother was hospitalized and we got news we were not prepared for. My husband’s company closed down with only a two week notice and a small severance package. Both our cars suddenly need major repair.  My job went from full-time to part-time and our health insurance was expiring in 90 days.

As each thing happened, I kept laughing, but didn’t know why. I continued to do my everyday routine with a smile and real JOY! I continued to encourage others with my workshops, I still went to church and praised God with all my might. I continued to serve and pray with my prayer team, believing God all the way.

The other day when another situation came my way, I wondered why I didn’t get as upset as I usually would have. Was I in denial? I am on the verge of a quiet breakdown ? As I was sitting there going over all those questions I heard ” This is Peace that I give you .”  Despite the trials, I was truly at peace, knowing that God would keep His word to my family. I don’t need to understand God’s peace; I just need to believe it and live in it !

“Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:7

Thank God for HIS Peace!

Have a Blessed’ n Balanced Day,



Extend Grace

I saw this posting from Lysa Terkeurst last week on face book and it made me squirm.  Read it and you will see why.


Sweet Jesus, forgive me for not extending grace at times to others. I am a woman who desperately needs it- so, I should be a woman who freely offers it. 

When I am tempted to be critical of someone else, help me hold my thoughts and my tongue. Instead of voicing those things, help me bring them to You in honest and heart felt prayers for that person. May I be one who is so motivated by love, that I will persevere in my prayers for that person until I see You working in glorious ways.

God, I pray You use this post in a mighty way. First, in my own heart. And then in the beautiful, amazing, full-of-potential hearts of God’s girls everywhere.

Who do you need to extend grace to today?  Receive it from God and give it to others.  Don’t ignore this prompting.



Have a  Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,
Danielle S. Greene.

Don’t Miss the Blessings

Recently I was invited to spend the day out on the lake with some old friends.  At first, I hesitated thinking of all the things I could get done while the kids were gone at Daddy’s.  Quickly, I came to my senses and realized that not only do I need this break but I deserved it.  It had been a long time since I had really just let all my responsibilities go and just had some fun.

When I first arrived, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I am always “doing” so to let go of everything, to just kick back, seemed awkward. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed a fabulous day on Lake Norman. We laughed, reminisced, went tubing and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.   As I drove home that evening, I thought about how God wants to be the blessed controller of our lives.  When we are so caught up in all we have to do and controlling every area of our life, we miss the blessings and don’t allow Him to work in our lives.

That sunset was just a reminder that God wants me to slow down and enjoy life.  Without all the busyness, He is able to show UP more often.


Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,
Danielle S. Greene

For the Record

for the record pic

“Ma’am, your tires are completely worn out. You’re going to need new ones.” The nice man at the tire store shared this little tidbit with me while I sat there waiting patiently for the nail to be removed from my deflated tire.

Thankfully, my husband kept a record of the mileage from when the tires were initially purchased, so that we could have them replaced under warranty. Keeping records can save time and money.

Record keeping can be a fun way to document the milestones in our children’s lives. It can unite families through tradition and enable us to pass down a rich legacy to future generations.

Then there are those records we shouldn’t keep, but can’t seem to figure out how to lose them. Someone wrongs us, and we can’t forget it. We put it in a prominent place, in case we need to rehash it in the future.

It is a building block, upon which all future hurts are stacked. Before we know it, we have constructed an impressive tower of offenses, cemented together by self-righteousness and decorated with blame. As the towers multiply, they form a wall around us, making it difficult to see beyond our prison of hurt and even harder for anyone to reach us.

What if we could just knock down the walls with one fell swoop? Imagine how freeing it would be to no longer have to keep a record of all those wrongs that have piled up over time!

Every time we choose to forgive, we knock down the walls. When we surrender the revenge, we can relax. When we let go of the grudge, we gain grace. When we give forgiveness we get freedom.

For the record, it’s not about letting people walk all over you. It’s about letting go of the burden of unforgiveness and letting God manage the rest. What can you let go of today?

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,



Wake Up!

School supplies, PTA and books galore!
I’ll cry if I have to fill out one more form!!!

Getting back into the school routine can be quite hectic, especially for this single mama.  That alarm goes off and a morning filled with preparations and rushing awaits me.  It goes from be sure to pack this, to don’t forget that.  “Did you brush your teeth?” “Where did your library book go?”

Let’s face it, when we wake up, we choose how we are going to view our day.  We can choose to complain and see things our way, or we can choose to stay close to God so we see things His way.  When I choose to see God and start my day with Him, I tend to have a different perspective and can live that day to the fullest.

 Every morning he wakes me.  He teaches me to listen like a student.  (Isaiah 50:4)


Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,

Danielle S. Greene

Monday Morning Memo

Good Morning pic

Don’t you wish God would drop off a memo every morning to say this? Maybe He could shoot me a quick email to this effect, or better yet, visit in person while I’m making breakfast. Imagine how carefree we would be if we woke up to this type of reassurance!

I believe God says this to us each and every morning, but we are so used to taking matters into our own hands, that we don’t truly  believe it. It’s one thing to say we believe it, but quite another to live like we do.

Little children live this way. They completely trust their parents to handle all of their needs. They live as if they don’t have a care in the world; because they don’t. Children know that their parents have all of the important stuff covered, so they can focus on more important things like loving completely, living in the moment and experiencing joy.

Although we can’t completely abandon our responsibilities today, we can completely abandon all of the fear, doubt and anxiety that we stuff into our already overstuffed purses every morning. Let’s drop some of this heavy stuff so that we can free ourselves up for more fun things; like loving, living for the moment and happiness!

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”. 1 Peter 5:7

Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,


The Search

Next to becoming a Christian, who you marry is the single most important decision of your life.  Recently I heard a great broadcast on 91.9 The Life- Focus on the Family.   The broadcast was titled, A Fresh Look at Dating– see link below.   Gary Thomas was the guest speaker, featuring his book, The Sacred Search.  Here are just a few highlights from that message that really hit home with me.  This isn’t just for all you fabulous single people out there, but also for those with children- something you will want to save to share with them when the time comes.  Everyone knows someone single that could benefit from this message.  Please forward it.

The richest marriages are marriages that exist for something bigger then themselves- they are passionate about the Kingdom and they serve and worship God together.

Marriage is tough, life can throw us un-employment, sick children, temptations, all kinds of unexpected circumstances that romance alone can’t survive.  When you have a marriage based on faith, it keeps things from getting boring.

During the broadcast they posed the question: What type of man do you want your daughter walking towards when she takes that plunge and gets married?

A man she respects.

A man who is pursuing God.

A man who would die for his family and will be engaged with his kids.

A man who is so strong and selfless in his love that if she one day gets cancer, he will kiss her bald head and make her feel like the most beautiful women in the world.



Last they listed out the character traits you should look for if seeking a godly spouse.  Character is Christ likeness.  Is this person like Christ? The bible actually has a list to follow: The Fruit of the Spirit-

  1.  Joy- Is this person filled with joy in their life?
  2. Love- Is this person motivated by love?
  3. Peace- A person who trusts in God is calm.
  4. Patience- understanding when we make mistakes
  5. Goodness
  6. Faithfulness
  7. Gentleness
  8. Self –Control
  9. Kindness

Seek Character over Passion!

Take the time to listen- links below.  Let’s be intentional about educating the next generation on how to seek a godly spouse.

Part 1-

Part 2-


Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,

Danielle S. Greene


Labor of Love

labor of love pic

Hooray for Labor Day! Let’s all celebrate another day off. More time with family and friends and more time to share those special moments with the ones we love.

Now if you are one of those people who finds it easy to always like the people you love, then this post is not for you. Maybe your husband never annoys you and your children are perfect angels. Perhaps your friends, co-workers, and family are the sweetest saints that have ever walked this earth. If this is you, then stop reading right here and get back to making your potato salad and prepping for the BBQ.

If you struggle like the rest of us, then I invite you to read on. Whoever said it was easy to love others never had any family or friends. I bet it was a monk. If I lived in solitude and didn’t have to talk to anybody, it would be much easier to get along with people. Since I’m not a monk, nor do I know any, I could use some help loving my loved ones a little better.

In order to do this, I asked myself 3 questions:

1. Am I holding onto any unresolved issues?

This one takes a little soul-searching but can usually yield quite a crop. Are you still mad that your mom treated your siblings differently than you? Do you have trust issues stemming from an incident early in your relationship? Do you have a tendency to escalate things?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you are holding onto some extra weight. Chances are even greater that these issues are preventing you from becoming the whole, healthy person you need to be in order to have healthy relationships.

2. What price do I pay for being right?
Sure it feels good to be right, but it costs us something. Perhaps it comes at the price of our children who are constantly reprimanded or our spouse who feels like they can’t do anything right in our eyes. Ultimately, we pay the price in the form of damaged relationships. When we are generous with encouragement and stingy with our opinions, peace ensues.

3. What can God change in me to bring about more peace in my relationships?

If I’m the one who always feels wronged by my clueless family, incompetent co-workers, inconsiderate friends and unfair life…I might be the common denominator. Ouch. Don’t you wish it was always somebody else’s fault? But sometimes, (ok, a lot of the times) it’s us. Maybe we’re not the one deliberately trying to be hurtful, but our attitude can be contributing to the problem. It doesn’t matter who threw the first stone or the even the bigger one. When it comes to the business of relationships, we all live in glass houses. We can’t change someone’s behavior, but we can change ours. Ask God to show you how you can make a change to become more like Him in a way that will yield more peace in your relationships.

It can be hard to love those that have hurt us, but that’s exactly what God commands us to do. When we do this, we free ourselves from the poison of frustration, bitterness and grudges. So no matter what you are hanging onto today, let it go, and let freedom ring inside of you! That’s a true Labor (Day) of Love!

“If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” -Romans 12:18

Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Labor Day,

Walk with Boldness

Today I wanted to share something special written by Joyce Meyers.

“Some people exude boldness, while others struggle with living boldly as a loved child of God. I had that problem until God showed me some important keys that helped me live boldly, and I want to share them with you.

1. Refuse to live in fear. Fear is an epidemic in our society. The Bible instructs us in Hebrews 10:38 to live by faith and not draw back in fear.

2. Put setbacks behind you. You are not a failure because you try new things and they don’t work out. You fail only when you stop trying. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and if you do, recover quickly and press on.

3. Don’t draw comparisons. Boldness will be impossible as long as you compare yourself to others. Boldness comes from accepting who you are and being the best you can be.

4. Be willing to take action. Search your heart and ask yourself what you believe God wants you to do, and then do it.

Pray over these four keys, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you live them out. Hold up your head and be filled with boldness.

Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, I want boldness to be one of my defining traits. Help me to live out these four keys by Your strength.”

Have  a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,

Danielle S. Greene

Prayer Initiative: Join us Monday 8/26!

We invite you to gather with us in prayer on Monday, Aug 26th at 9:30 at the Morrison YMCA chapel.  If you can’t be there in person, please let us know if you are joining us in spirit from wherever you are.

We will pray a hedge of protection around the all the students, teachers, staff, parents, and anyone that may step foot on the school grounds. Upgraded security measures and lock systems in our schools are essential, but If we don’t cover our schools in prayer, we are leaving the door wide open.

Regardless of  whether your child attends a public or private school, God doesn’t discriminate. He will shine His light wherever we call upon his name. Join us in this powerful initiative and feel free to bring a friend.  All are welcome!!

Have a Blessed ‘n Balanced Day,
Danielle S. Greene